Expo Arrangement

Over the last 3-5 year more than 1000 new franchises opened in Pakistan. It’s a fertile market, we would like aspiring companies to get a foothold in the same or other cities. We are arranging franchise expos for aspiring franchisors to showcase their products and franchise opportunities.

Now you have the opportunity to grow your business across Pakistan by participating in the first ever Expo to showcase your product and attract Franchisee & Investors, starting from Sept 23rd to Sep 26th at 3 major cities in Pakistan starting from Karachi.

Expo is arranged in an area preferred by the local businessmen to conduct business. Pakistan is a country with over 220 M population with higher income majorly concentrated in 5 big cities. Below are few unique advantages of opening franchise in Pakistan

• Highest growth rate lead to rapidly growing population
• Extremely low labor cost as low as 100 $ per month
• Continuous GDP growth
• Very low competition

We are arranging Franchise Expo in 3 major cities of Pakistan starting from port city Karachi which has a population of over 30 M from Sep 23rd to Sep 25th. Below are the main highlights of the event

• 10,000 Elite businessmen foot fall during the event
• Top 500 Multinationals CEOs and Directors are invited
• Professionals from different categories are invited
• Government officials and regulators are invited to network